World – A Few Favorites 2013

Be open minded, be experimental, don’t fear…whatever you want to do, do it! – Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth

World new records

Jyotsna Srikanth – Call of Bangalore
va – Daora – Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil (Experimedia)
Nana Vasconcelos – 4 Elementos
Nitin Sawhney – OneZero [Past, Present, Future Unplugged]
Steve Shehan – Hang With You

World reissues

King Tubby – Hometown Hi-Fi Dubplate Specials 1975-1979 (ForcedExposure)
va – Goush Bedey Funk, Psychedelia Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation
va – Hassaniya Music from the Western Sahara and Mauritania (Amazon)

comment: Jyotsna Srikanth’s record features her soaring Carnatic violin in a small group setting. After hearing her thrilling record, I dug around, especially on Youtube, and learned she is also an innovative auteur of musical settings. Nana and Nitin are iconic artists to me and so superb new records are easy to highlight. Whereas the enigmatic Franco-American Shehan, he–who knows 14 languages and plays 500 instruments, impressed with his warm virtuosity on hang-drum. Doara provides a fun ride through contemporary Brazilian urban music; its take-away is that I hope psychedelic hip-hop finds its way north.

Hometown Hi-Fi Dubplate Specials is the legendary King Tubby’s best compilation, so it is also essential and a cornerstone in any collection of reggae. Goush Bedey Funk begs the question of how Iranian guitarists obtained guitar pedals in the seventies. Hassa?ni?ya Music is trance music fit for closing ones eyes and breathing into the feet while lying comfortably.

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