Vermont Farmfest Transmissions 1&2


Obscured by the name Dub Collision is Mr. Collision’s predecessor, Hoon. My mixology began in the setting of vinyl tracks to cassettes. This endeavor didn’t come about until I was first rejoined with my collection of long players. This happened in Vermont, in the year after I moved there (1975) It happened in steps as my Cleveland pals, Barney and Fran and others ferried chunks of the collection in the back seats of their cars. Then, with the collection finally at hand, I bought a cassette deck.

Roll forward a little less than forty years and there was Marlon, on a visit to Cleveland, asking me if I still made mixes. During my Vermont chapter I compiled 900+ mix tapes over 15 years, and spread ’em around.

A few months later I have reason to deliver a little bit of my musical soul to the members of that very Vermont karass. Heck, it was the least I could do to repay them for bringing to me my record collection and make my soul present at the tribal reunion in the beautiful Champlain Valley in the people’s Republic of Vermont.

Coming Home for Casey


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