Touch of Play

The discussion, for me, began on February 10, 2012, with Chip Boaz’s post on the IOS Music and You blog, 10 Answers to the Question Why Make Music On an iPad or iPhone? Ten days later, Chip follows up with The Blurry Line Between Professional And Amateur Music Production On The iPhone And iPad. These thoughts simmer in the IOS audio community for a month and then Synthhead at Synthtopia weighs in with Is Making Music On iOS Really ‘A Bag Of Hurt’?

At this point we’re off to the races as commentary ping pongs between various blogs and Synthtopia. The subject matter of making music on IOS devices soon loses its center, fragments, moves off to replay calcified pro-am non-controversies. Still, the interesting concerns of this new-fangled community get a fascinating airing.

I don’t have any enlightening thoughts on this flurry of concerns. I’m too long in the tooth. As a music maker or sound artist, you gravitate to utilize the tools you resonate to. Early adapters are always in retrospect seen as the vanguard of the future’s conventions.

Workflow does suck on an iPad, yet you can’t manipulate by touch the screen of a laptop. In this latter, touching, respect, a desktop or laptop computer doesn’t possess any workflow at all.

Portability isn’t a big advantage for me in my own approach, so, to me the wonderful audio capabilities of the iPad are wed to the unsurpassed possibilities inherent in my static, studio set-up based in a laptop and DAW and the accoutrements. Right now I’m running right out of the iPad’s 3.5mm jack into a USB interface and into Logic and it sounds fine.

Does it sound free of a slight, barely perceptible, noise? No. Shall I gate or otherwise mitigate this noise.


Someday touching for sound will be so mainstream that the touch brethren will no doubt decry the eye-activated renegades.

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