The Sound of Sound

Working back through the excellent Sufi Music blog, I happened upon this intriguing post and video. The Wadali brothers are featured, and the description and video strike a modern posture, Bollywood meets dancing dervesh girls. On the Sufi Music blog music videos accompany the lyrics to the showcased song. This approach joins fundamentally ancient sentiments with contemporary settings.

A great outpost for religious and profane music is Moroccan Tape Stash. Besides offering rips of cassettes, the blog steward, Tim, (as he writes of himself: Ethnomusicologist, bass player, guinbri thumper, groove researcher, guitar strummer, bendir thwacker, dissertation writer, rock and roll shouter, clarinet squawker, performative lecturer, interior dhikr-ator, Gnawa muhibb,) takes a studious and enthusiastic approach to the revelation of north African gems.

Iconic Moroccan singer L’Hajja L’Hamdawya is in the spotlight on this recent post and in this staggering video.

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