The Desert Blues In Touareg Country

Because access to music is easy in our networked world, when music from far-flung corners trends, it’s also easy to delve into it without any concern for its context. There are ways to both superficially and deeply characterize the appeal of the sound of cultures here-to-for foreign to us. At the surface these musics are exotic, different, danceable, funky. More deeply, because this diffusion works in the other direction too, such musics are syncretic, can contain hooks familiar to us, and, in certain respects, can replicate the ‘sociality’ of music–although without the western listener knowing anything about the context of sociality at the source. So, we well comprehend that this exotic music is communicative, one can move to it, and, that even a strict language barrier doesn’t prevent our interest and enjoyment.

Toubab Krewe

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