Kamelmauz: Limber I Monos Om (mini ep)

This new set follows from the surging iPhone band-in-a-hand moment. It refers to a truly odd collaboration made possible by the strange new world of the iPhone, its so-called apps, and the kinds of sonic exploring the technology makes possible. Originally I was just biding my time, waiting for the iPad, and knowing eventually be plugging it into the studio machinery.

But the iPhone came along and with it–soon enough–came a slew of app-driven opportunities, including the most prime ones of all, courtesy of ambient giants Brian Eno and Steve Roach. I have collaborated with each, and with their colleagues, in these two slow, ambient pieces. Almost anybody who has an iPhone knows what I’m speaking of–Bloom, Trope, Air–in the latter case, and, may well also know of the fine Immersion Station app of Steve Roach and Eric Freeman. (Visual mixing is very cool!)

The odd point is that none of my collaborators know they have served as my collaborators! Yet, it was inevitable I was headed toward plugging iPhone/iPad into my digital rig and into Logic and force such collaborations to bear sonic fruit. Several other apps were used; I didn’t keep notes for the ninety minute exercise cum experiment. And, at the end, I did process the tracks in the convolution reverb studio and did a down-and-dirty (what I term,) mixmaster.

The overarching formula for each piece is: Intro (Eno) / Outro (Eno+Roach.)

As always, full digital, free download are available at Kamelmauz-Soundz Bandcamp for the savvy and well-equipped soundnaut.

Intro i

Kamelmauz Studio Sketch: Faeon version 1

If you load up the effects channels on a software hard disc recorder, sometimes bad stuff happens. The computer might crash or the effects go dead. In this case, the output was glitchy and seemed worth looking at in an editor but not worth saving.

Except the glitches scattered throughout the drone, including many artifacts left from editing out total drop outs, sounded of a piece with the darn improv. I whacked a few but left many in this rough mix.

This is a crunchy series of drones played on an Indy Rail 6 string lap steel guitar and run through Absynth and some sympathetically nasty distortion and other tricky effects. Okay but it’s a throwaway…crumple, crumple…

Faeon v1b (studio sketch)