Analog Africa is Essential

Verckys et l´Orchestre Vévé: Congolese Funk, Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969-1978
release date: December 2

Analog Africa puts out deluxe sets of curated African and other diasporatical music in old fashioned packages and as lossless downloads on Bandcamp.

Steve Roach On Bandcamp

The legendary composer, synthesist, and pioneer and ongoing visionary of ambient music, Steve Roach is making his music available on Bandcamp. This venue supplements his brilliant web site

Steve Roach Timeroom Editions

There are forty-two recordings currently available. That is, as of today. Roach is famously prolific–although I prefer to describe him as bursting with music.

I’ll highlight the shiniest gems in the future.

Bandcamp affords complete previews, embedding of tracks, and lossless downloads. 

(I have created a category on the sidebar for Bandcamp artists I follow and favor.)