Source – Activity – Reception

Table Mountain #4 (S.Calhoun)
Table Mountain #4 (S.Calhoun)

SOURCE (a glimpse into the soul of REAL africa) look with truthful eyes at the REAL africa and you will see that we are not bloodthirsty savages when the khoisan people (the so-called bushmen and hottentots) of southern africa perform their “moon ritual” it is not because we “worship the moon”, but that we recognize THE SUPREME LIGHT we know THE SUPREME we have known HIM since CREATION TSOIEKWAP…THE SUPREME HETSI EBIB…THE PROPHET when “explorers” landed at the southern tip of africa and amongst other “strange” things found us sitting in dark caves with eyes turned toward the heavens and with them mark of the cross on our foreheads they could only conclude that such was the “behavior of a savage” but know now that yoga is a prayer we know THE SUPREME we have known HIM since CREATION e=mc squared TSOEIKWAP IS LIGHT energy into mass and mass into energy HE CREATED ALL AND UNTO HIM SHALL ALL RETURN the basis of all human knowledge is belief if this is so (mathematics-science) THROUGH BELIEF IN HIM YOU SHALL GET KNOWLEDGE OF HIM the electron consists of vibrations IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORK there is no such thing as “one” we know THE ONE-NESS the smallest and biggest unit is “three” …SOURCE – ACTIVITY – RECEPTION

ACTIVITY the impressions on this album have been “recorded” out of and in compassion in the mad whirlpool of “professionalism” the “artist” is driven by an almost fanatical compulsion to “get himself recorded” he is obsessed with an immediate distribution and if possible – assimilation of “his original work” all his efforts are directed by, for and towards that elusive mythical ghost known as “the general public”, the artist is convinced that TIME is a clock AND HE CREATED US IN HIS OWN IMAGE everything that has ever occurred is recorded in THE SUPREME MEMORY can you deny then that GREAT-DAY when the GREATEST ALBUM EVER is released complete with liner notes and personal instant replay

RECEPTION bra joe from kilimanjaro selby that THE ETERNAL SPIRIT IS THE ONLY REALITY THE MOON xaba sunset in blue kippy jabulani-easter joy tintiyana

copyright 1969 Xahuri Dullah Brahim

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