Scored a Korg

Spring and Summer for me at least means most Saturdays mornings are spent traipsing around garage sales. I have a shifting list of stuff I’m keeping an eye out for and there’s nothing on the list I’m looking for that I really need. Cat furniture? Yup, got a nice piece for five bucks a month ago.

Pedal steel guitars? Sure. I’m prepared to pull a hundred bucks out of a nearby ATM to grab a closet Emmons or Sho-Bud. I read about a guy who had a garage full of garage sale steels. But, I’ve never seen a beat up or any other decent electric or acoustic guitar at a garage sale. I’ve seen a nice banjo and a nifty effects rack. Passed on both.

But I couldn’t pass on the Korg Triton Le for twenty bucks. I had to send away for the power supply and cord that would certify the keyboard would light up. And, it did, and all sixty-one keys worked, and, omigoodness!

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