Rob Fielding

Not only is Mr. Fielding one of the leading lights in IOS audio applications, not only does he regularly take the maqam out, not only is he angling for the geek hall of fame, and not only is he probably a piece of work in good senses, but he also is someone who regularly and without guile offers himself up in his own environment, and, I reckon he is not intentionally, ummm. being post-modern.

I could be wrong about this, and, about him too.

About this video, he writes,

Arctic has always had support for Geo’s special MIDI mode that allows for polyphonic fretlessness. I am testing the new Arctic beta on iPad 1, and it does it better than I remember. I’m playing the hard way; no scales picked by the instrument, no stinking frets; like a violinist has to.

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