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Given that one of my founding musical prejudices issues from being awestruck as a 15 year old at the virtuosity of Flatt & Scruggs, I’ve always tracked all those cosmic cowboys and cowgirls. In fact, as I wandered the country road from bluegrass through country rock through americana, it amazes even me that a couple of dozen or so chord progressions and a modest number of lyrical variations on human themes has compelled a big chunk of listening time over four decades. But, I’m also talking here of music really close to my heart. Yeah, Gram Parsons fer sure, but you have to grasp the excellence of Miranda Lambert too!

Now that the implosion of the music industry has even chipped away at country-music proper, one has to be resourceful at following the country and folk rock tracks.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of resources, and, AmericanRoots.com is essential to the task. Podcasts and all that…

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