Pentatonic Experiments, using NI Reaktor-Prism

Back on the pentatonic trip: here’s two very down-and-dirty versions of pentatonic riffing that use some patches from Native Instrument’s Reaktor-Prism synthesizer module. (Upgrade to NI Komplete version 7, and Prism is included as one of the numerous new modules.) The pentatonic, characterized as the ‘black keys’ on a piano, is elsewhere on the keyboard too, obviously. I think of it not as a five or six note mode, but as an extended two or three octave scale; in C: C, D, E, G, A, C, D, E, G, A, C

For these short sketches, the Akai pad controller adds in the E and the A. I did run some effects on this unmastered and roughly mixed set of sketches. The versions represent different mixes.



Aound, versions I & II

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