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To reprise my musical outposts, other than this blog:

1. Kamelmauz/Bandcamp/Releases – full, free release of my experimental music at Bandcamp
2. Kamelmauz/Bandcamp/Sounds –┬ácompilation of infinite album: adding new tracks all the time
3. Kamelmauz/Facebook – fan page
4. Kamelmauz/Twitter
5. Dub Collision/Tumblr – pointers back to posts on this blog
6. Rhythm River/web site – imaginal musicology; transformational learning as a listening proposition


Both THE RIVER and PENTATONIC DRIFT, each consisting of three stand-alone programs, are focused on particpant’s experiential and imaginal journey of musical discovery. The experiential learning is centered on listening to an evocative sound world. Each Rhythm River program begins in various ancestral musical cultures, cultures found on every continent and active to this day. The modern traces of those ancestral sound worlds constitute the other music heard in these programs.

These sounds also provide the context for imagining how they came to be transmitted between tribes, across continents, and over oceans, and, in deep listening, further evoking something of the order of sonic and soulful archetypes. The channels of musical transmission constitute the raw materials, and the awareness of the listener plays their experience as if it is an instrument.

Abdullah Ibrahim Mantra Modes
10. Abdullah Ibrahim’s Mantra Modes
Infrequently updated yet devoted blog about the artistry of Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, the masterful South African musician, composer, and educator.

Kamelmauz at Nogeno
Home page for Kamelmauz at Nogeno; photo and hat tip to Chuck Mintz

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