Mantra Modes Revived

My first self-publishing idea oriented to the internet popped into my mind in 1996. I wanted to make a vanity web site featuring some of my interests. At the time this meant that there would be sections about Jung, Jazz, Sufi poetry, Karl Weick (a sociologist of management,) and, the South African musician and composer, Abdullah Ibrahim. Ibrahim remains one of my favorite artists, and also was one of the most influential teachers in my life.

I called the section devoted to his artistry, Abdullah Ibrahim’s Mantra Modes. The title was taken from one of his recordings. For a brief time between 1996-2001 it was one of the few outposts on the web devoted to his artistry. Then, around the time his official web site came online, I backed away from my creation.

I have revived Mantra Modes, and attached to the squareONE web. Over time I will slowly bring new content to this blog-style new/old site about the artistry and music of Dr. Ibrahim.

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