Mantra Modes Blog Coming Home

The original Mantra Modes blog, dedicated to the music and artistry of Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, the greatest and most profound jazz musician the continent of Africa has produced over the past 40,000 or so years, was created in 1999 and attached to my original web site.

It’s third incarnation began in 2008. However, I have not been able to give it the care that its mission deserves. As a result, I am going to move, piece-by-piece, its content back into the structure of its second incarnation, here on the home blog of all my musical interests. Most of the pieces will be re-highlighted as blog posts.

I’ll keep the Mantra Modes blog up until the move is completed sometime in the next few months.

The South African Dr. Ibrahim’s own, very fine web site, is in its second incarnation. He turns eighty on October 9th. I am honored to highlight his artistry in any manner–after all he is both my favorite musician, and the instigator of some significant moments of rewarding personal learning during our rewarding intense encounter and association long ago (and sometimes seeming like yesterday too!)

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