Mail Beat

Okay, I hear this faint ticking sound while lounging about the living room. I go investigate. It’s not in the living room but I hear it behind the front inside door and go into the front hall. Standing still I hear it near the mail shute. Going closer, I discover the ambient beat coyly hiding in the mail shute. I go and grab the Zoom H4 and set it inside the shute. Gotcha! Oh member of the old house orchestra!

I’m slightly tempted to stick it in the sampler. In the last place we lived, one night the steam radiator started drumming the most amazing syncopated rhythm. It was kind of an 11/4 with 7/4 sliding around too. (Like I really know what it was. Not!) The greatest environmental sound I ever heard was at the old Lakewood Public Library, where a cold air return in a little reading area led to some kind of structural cavern. The sound was this rolling very low woosh-and-echo. I dragged Matt over to confirm my report, but the next day the sound had vanished.

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