La Chiva Gantiva

Pelao by La Chiva Gantiva
From the album “Pelao”
Crammed Discs

The dangerous adventures of an immigrant.
Directed by Nicolas Moins & Rafael Espinel.
Shot with a Sprintcam (an extreme slow motion camera, courtesy of I-Movix).

The band:

Felipe Deckers (guitar, tiple, tambor alegre), Natalie Gantiva (tambora, campana, guache, maracones, llamador, backing vocals), Rafael Espinel (lead vocals, maracones, tambor alegre, guitar, flautacanade millo), Florian Doucet (clarinet, backing vocals, bass), Martin Merau (drums, trumpe, tambola, llamador), Seppe Van Hulle (bass), Tuan HoDuc (alto, tenor and soprano saxophone, gaita)

A Columbian-Belgium band. World Funk for sure, politically committed. Be sure to visit their web site. Their latest record Vivo is excellent and it can be auditioned at Soundcloud

Taking Colombia’s rich musical history as its starting point, la Chiva Gantiva is a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and ferociously funky Latin rhythms. Formed in Brussels by expat Colombian musicians, La Chiva Gantiva’s truly explosive fusion of danceable, percussion-heavy sounds takes cumbia, funk and Afrobeat to giddy new heights. via Womad

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