Slidemare (2009)

1. Tran Tran 4:46
2. Noisis 2:27
3. Coruscana 7:16
4. Tremilus 4:46
5. Heldonsket 6:10
6. Tunderi 10:50
7. Moon Cave 5:38
8. Rifflow 1:34
9. Omoil 9:40
10. Carapice-J 6:00

KAMELMAUZ – sound designs
pedal and lap steel guitars, didgeridoo,
sampler, synthesizers, keyboards,

recorded at noguts noglory studios, Cleveland Ohio in 2009

hat tip to: Industrial Guitars, Allen Melbert Steel Guitar, Native Instruments, i3 S.xl Software Engineering, Roland, Apple Computer

special thanks: my loving wife Susan, furry daughter Cheetah, Kenneth Warren, b0bby Lee (for the tuning,) and thanks Chris++ for turning me on to Double Leopards, and, likewise to DJ Weirton for all the drops.

Art direction: Stephen Calhoun Graphics: Hippiegoat Studios

Noisis is dedicated to The Amazing Dynamo Man, Jamie Cohen, resting forever
Carapice J is dedicated to Neil Young

320kbs mp3 or digital FLAC at Bandcamp

Listening advisory: dynamic range: 20hz-20khz with big decibel leaps DO NOT LISTEN W. EARBUDS OR HEADPHONES AT HIGH VOLUME. Presuming that there will be listeners who will send the audio below into their itty bitty PC speakers and later be moved to strap on the cans, please be careful. Optimal listening environment is old fashioned stereo system with good speakers.

128k stream

Creative Commons License
Slidemare by Kamelmauz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License

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