In Khorasan (2001)

In Khorasan was begun in the fall of 1999 and finished at the end of 2000, mixed in 2001. The concept was simple: learn how to use the tools of sound design and computer-based music making while nurturing the birth of a colorful aural dream about the landscape of the Khorasan, a desert spanning parts of western Afghanistan and eastern Iran.

Covers for In Khorasan

Khorasan Front
Khorasan Back

photos by Deborah Felmeth

Recorded 2000-2001
Released in CDR Ltd. Edition 2002

1. Talon 4:42
2. Before the Sword, The Gift 11:00
3. Ancient Sanabad 4:29
4. Ansari 6:11
5. Saffron Train 2:12
6. Vanishment 8:04
7. Kayyam 3:34
8. Turquoise 5:06
9. Exaltation 6:03
10. No One Knows the Weaver’s Dreams 16:46
11. Spirit Avalanche 5:39

320kbs mp3 and digital FLAC formats at Bandcamp

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