Kamelmauz: Testemuñar

New experiments from the noguts noglory laboratory. I’ve been working on various ways to set up sonic devices and record live to two to six tracks, including trying to get the raw mix close to aces too. The goal is try to see how beautifully (in my own terms of course,) I can blend output from generative samplers, synthesizers, and, steel guitar. By using the mixing board to sum tracks I can simultaneously record, for example, pedal steel, Gestrument (iPad,) Mixtikl generative synth (iPhone,) Drone FX sampler (2nd laptop,) DrumJam (background audio, iPad,) and Alchemy Synthesizer, (1st laptop.) So far, getting the actual sonics of the various combinations clear enough in the rough mix is the main challenge. The secondary goal is to test out various ways of making the live manipulation of the various audio sources efficient enough to contemplate setting down workable tracks. I’m trying to stay away from recording loops and automating their playback, and also hoping to keep the MIDI and effect footprint small while I figure out what sources and ranges work together.

Since setting the studio up early this year, I’ve managed to stockpile a lot of material. I know when I revisit all the demo-like, down and dirty quicky and quirky experiments, some of the material will survive. At the same time, the wonders of the iPad’s touch interface and a handful of innovative apps have inspired me to attempt to sort out this business of making multi-track, improvised ambient music in the mode of: all-at-once!

Testemuñar is comprised of three live tracks in I. and, in II. an added-on track of processed bells via DroneFX app. The three tracks for both parts consist of Eno & Chilver’s generative app SCAPE playing in the background on its own–after I created a patch or scape–on an iPad, Gestrument generative sampler using my own custom patches also on iPad, and, Alchemy Mobile on an iPhone keyed by an outboard keyboard. The two tracks are recorded in Logic, and I’ve inserted reverb using 2C’s fine suite of reverbs. For II. I created a slow 60bpm bell patch in DroneFX and mixed it with different three track material from the same session.


If you are brilliantly savvy, I recommend downloading the lossless FLAC or AAC files and playing these ambient tracks on a real stereo in a quiet place without distractions nipping at your senses.

Kamelmauz demos and one-shot experiments.


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