Kamelmauz – Slidemare & bonus ‘Under the Forest’

Slidemare isn’t intended to please any audience; in fact, it’s intended to please just me. All outside sympathy or antipathy, attraction or repulsion, are frosting. The genre is: experimental strange ambient, so my latest soundplay cannot be a common cup o’ tea.

Half a dozen tracks didn’t make the cut, and half of those simply need to be completed; in due time. Here’s one that didn’t make the cut:


KAMELMAUZ-Under the Forest

I didn’t document my workflow, so about all that can be said is that Slidemare was lashed together from three years of on and off experimenting. I don’t do much post-processing. The delays and the what-not are almost always part of the live recording chain. The assembly of individual tracks is a matter of review, pulling each apart, flinging them like darts onto the track mixer, moving clips around, and, ending the process far short of obsession or perfectionism. As always from beginning to the end the process is: naive, intuitive, painterly, and a heck of a lot of fun.

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