Kamelmauz Rearranges the Shack

Kamelmauz Infinity

Kamelmauz-soundz at Bandcamp used to just be the net that captured sonics tossed over the rail. However, following from a brilliant idea by Dave Stafford, I’m now sticking the strays into a single recording that will continue to grow as long as I send some of my children its way.

The endless recording is titled: Infinity. $2. Forever. Kamelmauz-soundz

Unity, on the other hand, collects together the strays once scatters about kamelmauz-soundz. It also is the sixth Kamelmauz recording.

Then there’s a Kamelmauz on Soundcloud, that puts there odds and ends taken from various recordings, and stuff always also available on Bandcamp, either at soundz or the main site. At Soundcloud the emphasis will be on recordings that use the iPad/IOS music-making paradigm.

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