Kamelmauz Progress Report

Native Instruments offered their Komplete 5 suite of software for a ridiculous price, so I jumped on it to get the important parts I don’t already own: Kontakt (sampler;) Massive and FM8, and, above all, Reaktor, the build-your-own-whatever-you-want kit. In truth, all the stuff that other people have built for Reaktor is enough for my wild purposes.

I already own Absynth and Guitar Rig Pro.

In almost every way, Komplete presents a candy shop way too big for a dabbler like myself to really deal with in any comprehensive, or even grown up way. But, at the same time, the various tools are all there and especially Reaktor and Kontakt allow for all sorts of naive experiments.

For example, I’ve recorded some Krar (the Ethiopian string instrument,) samples and been playing them through both Kontakt and various Reaktor sample players. Likewise, I’m going to do the same with the didgeridoo and the lap and pedal steels. And, I jumped into some sample kits from the wizards atsonniccouture, Hang Drums, Skiddaw Stones, and the mini Gamelan set. The Skiddaw Stones story completely sold me.

Then I learn Native Instruments is updating Komplete October 1st. In effect, with the upgrade, I end up with the new version for the new, lower, regular price. Was I upset? Not at all. You see, NI is the bomb. I’ve been using Absynth for 9 years. The upgrades have all offered substantial enhancements. I know what to expect: better tools. And, Native Instruments is, in my estimation, the ‘Apple’ of the software audio world. Hmmm, this is even so considering I use Apple’s Logic Express too.

Also, I got the knee pedal attached and working on the 2nd Fender 400 pedal steel guitar. It plays wonderfully as much as I can be the judge of such things–well, it stays in tune fine. I’ve got some studio sketches I’ll poke up soon.

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