Kamelmauz: Poor City (Studio Outtakes 2005-2010)


1.Watching My Thoughts Flow By 3:36
2.Accomplice 4:35

Over Suite (Dedication: Roger McGuinn)
3.Come Over 2:12
4.And Over 2:15

5.Pas plus monsieur gentil 4:34
6.Aspirational 11:06

7.Sarte 3:57
(Dedication: Susan Alcorn)

Two Street Odes
8.Front and Back Side 4:57
9.Poor City 9:58

10.Transient-Waves 5:22
11.Kor-do-fi 1:50
12.Tributary 14:59
13.Might Have, Nice to Have 1:46
14.Silicat 5:37
(Dedication: Terry Riley)

Early last year, I (ne:Kamelmauz) was surveying the leftover scraps from the recordings for Slidemare. By survey, I mean gazing at folders on the computer full of audio files. These added up to about 100 hours of forlorn stuff. With the virtual broom in hand I was just about ready to sweep them away, when I made the decision to listen to several, and soon enough I was reorganizing the files so I could audition them in an orderly way. Why? It occurred to me in a flash that some might lend themselves to being re-purposed and renewed, by experimenting with different ways to recombine the scraps into new compositions and sound designs. One thing led to another, and so I started to cull the best of the scraps, build new effects chains and synthesizer patches with which to manipulate the source audio, and, soon enough, threw myself into a new project, what I came to term, studio outtakes 2005-2010. The actual guitar recordings mostly date from 2007 to 2009, yet, this turned out to be a very deep sound design project.

Originally, I had hoped to do this quickly and do this even in a somewhat cavalier way, and then get on with some other project. This was not to be. By October, having boiled the stock of usable audio down to ten hours worth, I went into full-on mad scientist mode. Poor City, and the EP, Sleeper are the result. Somewhat ironically, the latter is comprised of rejects from the finished pieces, themselves scavenged from the post-Slidemare detritus.

My goal is always to enjoy the process of music making and sound designing. This turned out to be a blast, except for the mastering. Mastering is a grind. Hopefully there is a correlation between my enjoyment and that of the listener. We’ll see.

Note for the listener. First of all, you can audition the entire recording at Bandcamp, home of the best sounding 128kbs mp3’s on the planet. Poor City can be downloaded for free in its entirety in high quality mp3, or, if one is an adept, in flac. The flac format can almost always be played by this same adept on their computer, or, best option of all, turned into wave files and burned to a CD. The premium listening experience is only accessible on a good home stereo or on a good car stereo.

If I had a magic wand, the attentive and daring listener would go to the trouble of listening to Poor City on CD through one of those old fashioned, what used to be called, hi-fi systems. The reason is simple: the source–steel guitars–was analog, the process involved in assembly, mixing, and mastering was fastidious, and, this is a very detailed recording with a heavy low-end. I can’t guarantee going to all this trouble offers a surefire “experiential” reward on the other end, yet, the full intended import is only available from hearing the highest fidelity. Ear buds and headphones are not recommended technology for this record.

FREE: obtain Poor City from Bandcamp.

Sleeper is also free. The meta-genre being worked through here represent different combinations of: experimental, minimalist, dark ambient, industrial, noise, drone, psychedelic, cinematic, avant-steel guitar. There is even one heavy metal instrumental for the attic people.

And for anyone who makes the leap. Muchas gracias. Let me know what happens.

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