Kamelmauz: Forn Anda (ep)

Ha! Fired up the stock visualizer for iTunes to accompany one of two parts to a new Kamelmauz sonic journey, Forn Anda. Have fun figuring out the title’s language and what English phrase is hidden in it. Excuse the abrupt ending of the youtube teaser.

Two new pieces, all improvised using the splendid sampler for the iPad, Drone FX by Drumbot. The raw audio was slice and diced, processed through (the late, great,) Kore FX (Native Instruments) and WarmVerb (Tone2) and assembled in Logic–without any fuss at all.

Slow music. Free as the wind.

Working in the direction of a new full length in September, and have even done some ‘proof of concept’ experiments plugging in a pedal steel guitar into the iPad and then through CSSound.

Kamelmauz: production, sound design and improvisation; Drone FX on an iPad
recorded at nogutsnoglory studios, May 2012
art: Hippiegoat Design
thanks: Drumbot, Native Instruments, Tone2, Apple Computer
executive producer: Stephen Calhoun for Duty Free Records

HD digital download (FLAC)

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