Kamelmauz Finds Little Bits of Slow Time

Kamelmauz reports, two new EPs will be released by Duty Free Records via Bandcamp in March. The above track, however, is slated to be completed and included on the delayed O meu toque, forthcoming, to be released in May 2013.

Kamelmauz Rainbringer

Kamelmauz Naked Strands

Produced primarily on an iPad using the touch paradigm and a handful of amazing IOS audio apps, both reflect a great deal of experimentation unfolded on the temporal margins of a fairly wild last half of the year. First the flood, then the house hunt, then the leaky ceiling in the studio, and, finally a new place–but, today, still on the far side of the big, heavy move in a week.

The upshot of all this volatility in comparison to the usual determined and laid back approach has been a lot of recording activity, but activity committed in very small blocks of hardly-available-at-all time.

The fuel for these hot little bursts have been an amazing surge of interesting sound creation tools released for IOS platforms; in my case, the iPad. I’ll be highlighting the wonders of Gestrument, Borderlands, Feed, Scape, and DrumJam, once things settle down in the new place.

The other element is that the calming effect of sitting down and transforming catch-as-catch-can time slots into brief creative immersions readily evoked elliptical improvised or generative drones, or, combinations of improvised and scripted sound. And, no guitars had their feelings hurt in the making of a surprising inventory of iPad-based ‘slow music’ over the past months.

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