This is my favorite conventional music video this year.


Kabatronics is a collaboration between Transglobal Underground and Albanian brass masters Fanfara Tirana. Beginning 2 years back as a remix operation, the project expanded into an exchange of ideas between Tirana and London that went beyond the Balkan brass roots of the music and bringing in a whole new cargo of inspiration from both centres. Along with the main Fanfara Tirana brass crew and TGU regulars Hamid Man Tu, TUUP, Sheema Mukherjee and Tim Whelan, ‘Kabatronics’ features a number of star appearances from Albanian folklore legend, vocalist Hysni Niko Zela, and Johnny Kalsi of Dhol Foundation notoriety. Also featured are Marko Markovic, Frank London of the Klezmatics, Kosovan rapper Elda Kuqja, Egyptian percussionist Aly El Minyawi and a whole bunch of others. “Kabatronics’ mixes the familiar with the totallly unexpected, whether you’re in the UK, Albania, orbiting round Mars or anywhere else in the galaxy… Transglobal Underground news feed

Transglobal Underground has been making excellent and surprising records for twenty years and counting.

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