Judith Owen and the Cool Life

Judith Owen. superb. As it sometimes happens, I’m late to the show but this record is definitely a topper for last year. It never occurred to me Richard Thompson’s recently favored harmony singer and duet partner had a career of her own. Then she appears on a Michael Feldman rerun today and I’m gripped hard. The story of this record is it was shelved by Capitol and it took Owen the better part of a decade to free it up and have at it again.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been late like this: Cat Power, Bjork, Shawn Colvin, Julia Fordham, Feist, Ursula Rucker, and others seemed to mark my radar screen long after their initial flights. Better late than never. …time to play catch-up! Heck, by the time I got it, she’s recorded eight records.

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