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Unofficial video featuring title track from Ry Cooder’s new record.

Ry Cooder is pissed off. I’ve been tracking his music for over forty years, and this is the most pissed off he’s been so far. He wraps an interview with Lynell George about his excellent new record Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down this way,

“These times call for a very different kind of protest song. ‘Where Have All the Flowers Gone?’ We’re way down the road from that.”

In a new review of the album, Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down “is in the tradition of the great titles of Woody Guthrie and Haywire Harry McClintlock.” Reviewer Cory Doctorow describes the album’s songs as “a combination of Mexican-style corridos, stomping blues, shitkicking C&W tracks, and other forms of great American music, tackling such themes as financial corruption, immigration, the plight of migrant workers, the double sorrow of dying for a war based on a lie, and other outrages of the modern age.”

Ry’s site at Nonesuch is great.

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