Inner Squall

VI. Noise. In terms of music, personally, it’s not a mean distinction. It was 30+ years ago that I heard very late period Coltrane. At the time I didn’t understand, nor do I today, why it was termed free jazz. Then came Evan Parker and Peter Brotzmann. Sonny Sharrock. It goes on. Peter’s son, Caspar Brotzmann. Mersbow. Charles Gayle.

It goes on: over there. Actually, when I hear the word ‘noise,’ I think of Jacques Attali; Noise: The Political Economy of Music. It’s one of the essential books about music, but it’s not about noise, really.

What is noise? One can’t say, ‘I know it when I hear it.’ This doesn’t make sense as a report about a coherent act of listening. Still, the actual received—heard—bandwidth, streamed into cognitive apparatus, then inferentially extracted to either ‘feel’ or (some) named perception, is variable “in the subject” but defines nothing more than the available slice. This slice is allowed by the consequence of evolution. Listening is actually very hard to do.

The extremes of this slice might hold some fascination.

quiet becomes
lifeless, short
of this, thumping
passes over

The most intense noise I ever heard was the sound world available while floating in an isolation tank. Beautiful.

SunnO))) Wikipedia

About Sunn O)))
SUNN 0))) is the heavy rock equivalent of an institutional-size dose of Largactyl; when you finally get down, you stay down. SUNN 0))) makes sounds of weather formation size meditations, as monolithic as a brick of monosludge. SUNN 0))) music is huge and simple, like a future race of technologists who forgot how to build microchips so had to return to factory-sized computers. Its shamanic appeal is considerably enlivened by the sub-bass disfigurations caused to all bowels in the immediate proximity, whilst the lead guitar clings to your torso like a butter knife spreading Philly Lite first on a piece of toast, then on the bread board, then across the counter over the fridge and up the walls into adjacent rooms.

Southern Lord Records

Ha ha. . .Philly Lite? I guess lava would hurt. Anyway, SunnO))) and Double Leopards figure into my sense, although, the heaviest drone I’ve churned through and out, Low Mera, didn’t make Slidemare.

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