Dub Collison mix: Mama Told Me (Not to Come)

1 AARON NEVILLE Bridge Over Troubled Water 4:59
2 ALLEN TOUSSAINT St. James Infirmary 3:51
3 GLEN & MARKETA Falling Slowly 4:50
4 BOBBY WOMACK Fire And Rain 4:30
5 BEACH BOYS God Only Knows (a cappella) 2:47
6 JAMES TAYLOR & CAROLE KING Something In The Way She Moves 4:38
7 WONDERMINTS Getting Better 2:49
8 BOBBY CHARLES Tennessee Blues 5:29
9 BOB DYLAN If Dogs Run Free 3:40
10 JACKIE DESHANNON The Weight 3:04
11 AMOS GARRETT River’s Invitation 3:46
12 DAVE LINDLEY Bye Bye Love 2:55
13 THREE DOG NIGHT Mama Told Me (Not To Come) 3:19
14 CAT POWER (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 3:05
15 BRAD PAISLEY Let the Good Times Roll (feat. B.B. King) 5:28
17 JELLYFISH All I Want Is Everything 3:12
18 FEIST My Moon My Man 3:06
19 FLEET FOXES Meadowlark 3:11
20 THE WOOD BROTHERSThe Truth Is the Light 2:40

Earlier this summer we went to my wife’s high school reunion. I watched with interest as the DJ set up his rig. He didn’t bring any CD players. Instead he hooked an iPod and a computer to the sound system. His mix started out hit-or-miss but then he found a groove with typical baby boomer oldies, circa 1970. Since he seemed to be thirty-something, I was curious about his process of selection. I went up and asked him.

He told me, ‘As people suggest tunes I plug them into iTunes and then iTunes suggests other tunes and I cue them up.’ I thought to myself, ‘…kind of takes the matter of your own tastes out of the equation.’

I was reminded of the several occasions when I leveraged my own reputation as a music fanatic to gain access to the DJ spot. It’s enough to say, this didn’t work out very well. I have no feel for the hits, having turned off the radio in favor of my own mixology along time ago, say, around 1970!

However, another opportunity presented itself this summer. With more than a little trepidation, I assembled a 90 song playlist on my iPod and was ready to sin against the lowest common denominator. I took considerable care in putting together a long playlist of oldies and classic jazz and just a few oddball, albeit conservatively oddball picks.

It was not to be. My iPod didn’t issue a note when plugged into the Bose station. Fortunately, plan B was ready to go. A guy helping out had his iPhone, and his iPhone could access Pandora. Pandora, like the earlier party’s DJ leaning on iTunes, streams custom created “sets” which take a few user choices and formulates further choices from them. Automates the setlist. Cool, and it worked out well.

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