Dub Collison mix – Family Blessing

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1 04:15 Marcen Oles – Law Years
2 11:20 Billy Harper – Insights
3 12:02 Amina Claudine Myers – Blessings
4 16:03 Arthur Blythe – Miss Nancy
5 09:55 Harry Miller – Family Affair
6 11:11 Art Ensemble of Chicago – Ancestral Voices / Old
7 02:09 Sun Ra – You’d Better Mind What You’re Saying
8 10:33 Joe McPhee & Po Music – Pithecanthropus Erectus

Jazz. Old friends except for opener. Mostly live sources; mostly unreleased. There’s a genre called ‘spiritual jazz.’ This seems to be a term coined to deal retrospectively with certain styles of aspirational, overtly mystical jazz. Since I predate that turn, all I can say is that this mix captures something of what this would mean for me, except that the daring implicit in composing in the instant moment trumps a narrow term. Yup, all jazz is spiritual jazz to me.

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