Dub Collision mix: Yesterday’s Children

Dub Collision mix - Yesterday's Childrens

1-Ana Y Jaime-Nina Nana 3:16
(va) Forge Your Own Chains

2-Bharat Karki & Party-Dancing Rope 2:43
Bharat Karki & Party (1978)

3-Disco Blaze-Jump Back [Comm’ Of The Fireballs] 5:38
Disco Blaze-Jump Back

4-Soreng Santi-Iron Man 3:31
Soreng Santi-Iron Man

5-Erkin Koray Karl Dalar 3:35
Erkin Koray-Elektronik Turkuler

6-Hailu Mergia and the Walias-Yenuro Tesfa Alegne 1:48
Hailu Mergia and the Walias – Tche Belew

7-The Peels-Tinggalkan Ku Sa Orang 2:19
(va) Java Java / Indonesia Screaming Fuzz

8-Pat Thomas & Marijata-We live in Peace 4:13
This Is Marijata

9-The Loving Darks-Complicado 2:23
(va) Psicofasicos de Bolivia – Gogo a 4000 Metros (1966-69)

10-Omar Khorshid-Rakset El Fadaa 7:47
(va) Psych Funk 101 – A Global Psychedelic Funk Curriculum

11-Yesterday’s Children-Providence Bummer 3:40
(va) Up All Night – 20 Heavy Nuggets From The Golden Age Of Hard Psych

12-Baris Manco & Kurtalan Ekspres-Sari cizmeli mehmet aga 4:23
(va) – Anatolia Rocks 2 1971-80

13-Ton & Sérgio-Vou Sair Do Cativeiro 2:51
(va) Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas

14-Ofege-Gbe Mi Lo 4:15
(va) Love, Peace & Poetry (African psychedelic music)

15-Moha Jamin-Raks Raks Raks 2:35
raks raks raks – 27 golden garage psych nuggets from Iranian 60s

16-Yuya Uchida & The Flowers-Greasy Heart 3:55
(va) Vol. 3 – Asian Psychedelic Music

17-Ros Sereysothea-Bong Rau Roub Khnyom 3:30
Groove Club Vol. 2 Cambodia Rock Spectacular!

18-The Impossible-Do It (Till You’re Satisfied) 4:42
Thai Funk Zudrangma vol 2

Muso Dooz blows in from Sacramento and lays some prime ethno-psychedelic out. In the last few years various labels, such as Sublime Frequencies and Lion Productions have been digging up and releasing hippie-era rock and roll from the four corners of the world. Mark psychedelic rock as starting around 1966, and a few years later young longhairs from all over are grabbing cheap knock off electric guitars, wiring together effects and going for the sound of the (then) now, garage psych and pop. Roll it all forward and forty or so years later and the mad archivists deliver the goods.

There’s nothing musty about this scrappy music. Once again, it all presents an object lesson about the diffusion of pop culture and the resourcefulness of artistry, almost all of which didn’t have access to Les Pauls, Marshall amps, and, eight track consoles.

I’ve thrown in a few anglo examples too on this mix produced for the Dooz’s delight.

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