Dub Collision mix: True Man Magic World

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I must have been in a mood when I quickly tossed together some ethno-jazz, afro and afro-blues, a couple of syncretists, a couple of nu-jazzers, a live track from the master drummer from South Africa, and a chestnut amped by a celebrated big band’s brass playing leader. It ends up a rare blend reaching for a spiritual or danceable tip. Take your pick. Enjoy.

1 Irene Schweizer – Yaad 5:16
2 Taj Mahal & Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar – Catfish Blues 6:22
3 Philip Tabane – Vhavenda (Revolution Rmx) 5:49
4 F. Robert Lloyd – True Man Coyote 3:41
5 Kip Hanrahan – Stealing The Boogaloo 2:54
6 Kora Jazz Trio – Goree 3:02
7 Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu – Magical World 8:55
8 Examples of Twelves – Part 2 The Madness? III 4:56
9 Louis Moholo-Moholo – Sondela 8:50
10 Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra – Body And Soul 7:13

back cover below fold…

Back Cover

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