Dub Collision Mix: Shadow Sutra


1 Beaver & Kraus::Nine moons in alaska 3:08
2 Terry Riley::The Ethereal Time Shadow (Excerpt) 8:52
3 Coil::Dark River 6:29
4 Wendy Carlos::Winter [Out Take] 5:23
5 Pauline Oliveros & Reynols::We Are Still Thinking About The Title… 2:30
6 Susan Alcorn::Heart Sutra 4:32
7 Zoviet France::Degen 2:49
8 Thomas Koner::Nuuk (night) 4:12
9 Paul Schutze::The Falls 3:02
10 Lights In a Fat City::Dolphin Dreaming 4:24
11 Nadja::You Are as Dust 10:09
12 Robert Rich::Passing Terrain 6:09
13 Sunn0)))::Grease Fire 2:25

This mix anticipates the release of the new sound world by Kamelmauz, Poor City, on Tuesday. Intended here is a partial catalog of precedents and influences for Kamelmauz’s sound designs, running back over forty years.

No stream, but, for similar moods, the new Kamelmauz EP, Sleeper is a free download at bandcamp. And, heck, here’s the sharity embed.

Sleeper contains four tracks that couldn’t be fit to the 70 minute compact disc maximum. This is ironic because the Bandcamp downloads are digital, so the only way anyone could receive a CD without any hassle would be to ask me, nicely.Everything from Duty Free, including the entire opus so far of Kamelmauz, (In Khorasan, Slidemare, Sleeper, and the new Poor City, are free baby free.

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