Dub Collision Mix – Sax Gladness

Years ago a fellow jazz fanatic asked me what my favorite instrument was ‘in jazz.’ I blurted out “saxophone.” He told me I had to narrow it down. I thought for a minute, and gave him the correct answer, “Piano!” What had I been thinking initially?

Still, I can’t narrow it, the saxophone, down. You wish for me to weigh preferences between Coltrane and Parker and Lacy? Nocando. . . .between David Murray, Jackie McLean, and Hamiett Bluiett? Idontthinkso.

SAX GLADNESS unissued live recordings

1 The Heath Brothers f. Jimmy Heath – Prince Albert 14:23 (Dec. 1, 1983, Tokyo)
2 Benny Golson – Whisper Not 9:34 (1988, Kyoto)
3 Lucky Thompson – On Green Dolphin Street 6:35 (Nov, 22, 1968, Rotterdam)
4 Dexter Gordon – Society Red 16:17 (Sept. 13, 1988, Tokyo)
5 Booker Ervin – You Don’t Know What Love Is 8:13 (Feb. 18, 1966, Hilversum)
6 Sonny Rollins – Night & Day 11:31 (1965, Stockholm)

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