Dub Collision Mix: Cubana Guajira


1 Rumberos de Cuba-Habana De Mi Corazon 5:07
2 Rumbaprofundo-Medley: Robby and Negro Opening Time / Pensamiento 4:18
3 Afrocuba de Matanzas-Palo Yaya 6:27
4 The Havana Sessions-Maria Elena Lazo 4:15
5 Grupo Afrocuba-Que Sensacion Cuando La Vi 6:07
6 Omara Portuando-Ritmo pa mi 3:15
7 Xpanish Harlem Orchestra-Rumba Urbana 6:33
8 Chucho Valdez & Ruben Gonzales-Como Siento Yo 2:59
9 Felix Baloy-Despues de esta noche 3:06
10 Cubana Mayor-La Habana Buena 3:57
11 Danay-Guajira 8:35
12 Radio Bakongo-Macaco Mata el Toro 6:21
13 Robert Sanabria f. Tito Puente-Ran Kan Kan 3:58
14 Doble Filo f. Pepito=Que Tu Te Crees 4:58

The original concept was to be a travelogue featuring the rumba, and, journeying with the rumba from Cuba to Africa. But, as it happens, once I sent the net out, I ended up on my own, and different, quest through the riches of the mostly Cuban and Cuba-by-way-of-NYC territory of the afro-cuban sound.

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