Dub Collision mix: Crunch Dance (jazz fusions 2011)


1 Nicole Mitchell-F.O.C. 6:07
2 Carlo De Rosa’s Cross-Fade Brain Dance 2:37
3 Animation-Spanish Key 10:58
4 Laïka-Watch Your Back (Appointement In Ghana) 5:32
5 Iro Haarla Quintet-Satoyama 4:49
6 Peter Evans Quintet-The Big Crunch 2:56
7 Tied & Tickled Trio
f. Billy Hart-Lonely Woman/Exit La Place Demon/The Electronic Family 11:13
8 Shift-Gavotte 5:03
9 New Zion Trio-Gates 4:59
10 Harriet Tubman-Sideral Flux 4:03
11 The Jack Dejohnette Group-One For Eric 21:18

There is so much improv being woven between musics not having much to do with the narrow term ‘jazz’ that I’ve come to understand jazz proper has recently entered its next developmental phase. The gist of it is young and youngish improvisors from every continent are no longer beholden to the conventions of classicism or the avant-garde.

So it is the term ‘fusion’ has become vital again as a marker of unfussy experiments and shaking up of genre conventions.

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