Dub Collision 2.0: Back To the Porch Again

Dub Collision 2.0 encompasses my own efforts to compile enjoyable mixes for public consumption, as I have been doing–on and off and on–since I first got a cassette player way back in 1976. I am, as it stands right now, not going to provide downloads. The new mixes will exist in the cloud, starting with the cloud provided by Grooveshark.

Grooveshark allows me to compile mixes from their resources and embed the resulting playlist here. Other similar providers, when I find ’em, may also join the Dub Collision 2.0 toolbox. I’m not sure how it will work with my more outre interests, such as jazz.

For now, rock and pop music mixes will comprise of seven tracks and be approximately 30 minutes long. This allows the savvy user to listen to the mix in a tab and go about their other business in the browser. I term this model of mixology: the sevens. I will use a four selection model, the fours, for other genres.

Grooveshark does suck in one obvious respect: it does not provide an app to stream audio playlists from an html5 player or other equivalent technology to an IOS app and to a ‘non-jailbroken’ IOS device; iPod, iPhone, iPad. Supposedly they have been working on it for two years–however it seems Grooveshark are Android homeboys.

In another aspect, Grooveshark does not guarantee predictable fidelity, but the entire audio universe is rolling down that hill for over ten years!

By all means, feel free to tweet, Facebook, G+, or otherwise promote any mixes you feel are worthy.

This first mix is just a bunch of old hippie music, or music for old hippies. Hiya! Make love, not war.

Return of the Porch by Kamelmauz on Grooveshark

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