Dub Collision: Everyday Shadows


1 FKA Twigs-Weak Spot 3:43
2 Gene Watson-It’s Not Love (But It’s Not Bad) 3:37
3 Yvette Landry-Misery Loves Company 6:11
4 Catherine MacLellan-The Raven’s Sun 3:18
5 Jenny Queen-Mother’s Son 3:34
6 Emma Ruth Rundle-Some Heavy Ocean 1:41
7 Bill Patton-I Broke Your Toy 3:19
8 The Civil Wars-Poison & Wine 4:02
9 Rosanne Cash-Tell Heaven 2:40
10 Leonard Cohen-I’m Your Man 5:58
11 Secret Sisters-Good Luck, Good Night, Goodbye 3:34
12 Jeff Tweedy-I’m Only Sleeping 3:36
13 Stone Coyotes-Let The Wild Horse Run 3:37
14 Ariel Pink-Four Shadows 3:40
15 Ex Hex-You Fell Apart 2:45
16 The Greyhounds-I Remember 3:36
17 Chrissie Hynde-Everyday Is Like Sunday 3:34
18 Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin-You’ve Changed 3:12
19 Richard Thompson-Wall Of Death 3:23
20 Wussy-Home 3:41
21 The Flaming Lips-Within You Without You (Featuring Birdflower & Morgan Delt) 4:39

Another take on some of my favorite pop music from, mostly, 2014. I compiled this for KW “who needs some pop and sonic angst” for last year. Special note: thank you Barbara Keith of Stone Coyotes for keeping your flame burning.

mp3 mix download

Dub Collision: Run the Same Dream



1 MARY GAUTHIER I Feel The Same 4:16
2 THE SELDOM SCENE It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 3:20
3 STURGILL SIMPSON Living The Dream 3:51
4 FLECK & WASHBURN Bye Bye Baby Blues 3:26
5 AMY LAVERE Self Made Orphan 3:57
7 THE BOTH No Sir 3:46
8 RYAN ADAMS Stay with Me 3:06
9 ALISON MAY Ophelia 4:00
11 ROSANNE CASH World of Strange Design 3:24
12 SLOAN You Don’t Need Excuses to Be Good 3:42
13 JON DEE GRAHAM Look Up 3:15
14 ARIEL PINK One Summer Night 3:57
15 PARQUET COURTS Black and White 3:04
16 THE WAR ON DRUGS The Haunting Idle 3:08
17 THE WAR ON DRUGS Lost In The Dream 5:25
18 WUSSY Acetylene 3:53
19 WUSSY Teenage Wasteland 4:39
20 STONE COYOTES Let The Wild Horse Run 3:37
21 MICHAEL NESMITH Grand Ennui 4:48

Taster of some favorite 2014 folk/country/pop/rock. Enjoy the mp3 on your ‘device.’

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Dub Collision: Charlie Haden compilation


1 PEE WEE RUSSELL Pee Wee’s Blues 4:24
2 ORNETTE COLEMAN Check Up 10:08
3 CHARLIE HADEN Nardis 12:56
4 GERI ALLEN Blues In Motian 8:20
5 ORNETTE COLEMAN Song For Che 12:05
8 ENRICO PIERANUNZI Distance from departure 6:46
9 QUARTET WEST Lets Call it A Day 5:53

compiled by Dub Collision – July 2014 noguts noglory studios – Cleveland Hts Ohio [download mp3]

“I’m always searching. It’s the reason I’m here. It’s not really about music, it’s about searching for meaning.” Charlie Haden (interview)

Dub Collision Spring 2014 mix – Keep My Mistakes Sealed

Dub Collision -p Keep My Mistakes Sealed

1 RICHARD THOMPSON Another Small Thing in Her Favour 5:06
2 NEKO CASE I’m From Nowhere 3:01
3 GUY CLARK My Favorite Picture of You 3:32
4 LINDA THOMPSON As Fast As My Feet 3:54
5 DAWES Most People 5:13
6 DIANE BIRCH Hold On a Little Longer 4:03
7 LOS LOBOS Tin Can Trust 5:20
8 KASEY MUSGRAVES Keep It to Yourself 3:17
9 MIKAL RONIN I’m Done Running From You 2:50
10 THE CIVIL WARS Oh Henry 3:32
11 LITTLE FEAT Rhumba Man 5:52
12 BRANDY CLARK What’ll Keep Me Out of Heaven 3:34
13 WILCO I’m The Man Who Loves You 5:09
14 MATTHEW SWEET & SUSANNA HOFFS Our Lips Are Sealed 2:50
15 DAN BAIRD & HOMEMADE SIN Julie And Lucky 5:37
16 THE DEL-LORDS You Can Make a Mistake One Time 4:57
17 THE FLAMING LIPS Lucy In The Sky With DiamondS 6:09
18 TE BAND Rag Mama Rag 4:04

mp3 with art

Vermont Farmfest Transmissions 1&2


Obscured by the name Dub Collision is Mr. Collision’s predecessor, Hoon. My mixology began in the setting of vinyl tracks to cassettes. This endeavor didn’t come about until I was first rejoined with my collection of long players. This happened in Vermont, in the year after I moved there (1975) It happened in steps as my Cleveland pals, Barney and Fran and others ferried chunks of the collection in the back seats of their cars. Then, with the collection finally at hand, I bought a cassette deck.

Roll forward a little less than forty years and there was Marlon, on a visit to Cleveland, asking me if I still made mixes. During my Vermont chapter I compiled 900+ mix tapes over 15 years, and spread ’em around.

A few months later I have reason to deliver a little bit of my musical soul to the members of that very Vermont karass. Heck, it was the least I could do to repay them for bringing to me my record collection and make my soul present at the tribal reunion in the beautiful Champlain Valley in the people’s Republic of Vermont.

Coming Home for Casey


Dub Collision 2.0: Back To the Porch Again

Dub Collision 2.0 encompasses my own efforts to compile enjoyable mixes for public consumption, as I have been doing–on and off and on–since I first got a cassette player way back in 1976. I am, as it stands right now, not going to provide downloads. The new mixes will exist in the cloud, starting with the cloud provided by Grooveshark.

Grooveshark allows me to compile mixes from their resources and embed the resulting playlist here. Other similar providers, when I find ’em, may also join the Dub Collision 2.0 toolbox. I’m not sure how it will work with my more outre interests, such as jazz.

For now, rock and pop music mixes will comprise of seven tracks and be approximately 30 minutes long. This allows the savvy user to listen to the mix in a tab and go about their other business in the browser. I term this model of mixology: the sevens. I will use a four selection model, the fours, for other genres.

Grooveshark does suck in one obvious respect: it does not provide an app to stream audio playlists from an html5 player or other equivalent technology to an IOS app and to a ‘non-jailbroken’ IOS device; iPod, iPhone, iPad. Supposedly they have been working on it for two years–however it seems Grooveshark are Android homeboys.

In another aspect, Grooveshark does not guarantee predictable fidelity, but the entire audio universe is rolling down that hill for over ten years!

By all means, feel free to tweet, Facebook, G+, or otherwise promote any mixes you feel are worthy.

This first mix is just a bunch of old hippie music, or music for old hippies. Hiya! Make love, not war.

Return of the Porch by Kamelmauz on Grooveshark

Dub Collision 1.0 and R.I.P.

Dub Collision mixes The covers for the 30 Dub Collision mixes posted on this blog from 2008-2011.

Dub Collision 1.0 was the iteration of compiling and mixing and rendering “sets” that the internet made possible once I centered my musical interests here on the nogutsnoglory studios blog. Most of the mixes were turned into mp3 versions and uploaded to file lockers, such as Rapidshare. But, the file locker ecology has been imploding for several years, and this includes the deletion of all my uploads. These were deleted when I ended my premium accounts.

Because all the download links for the three years of Dub Collision mixes located at various file lockers have been deleted by the hosts, such as Rapidshare, the Dub Collision 1.0 era has ended. I’ve moved the page of mixes to this post and now it will drift off the front page. I didn’t necessarily make copies of the mp3 mixes–I hope you did–and so I’m okay with their being gone. Obviously the files are only gone as much as anything can come to the internet and then, later, disappear.

The Dub Collision 2.0 beta era now begins.

Continue reading “Dub Collision 1.0 and R.I.P.”

Dub Collision mix: Common Folk Song (jazz traditions 2011)


1 Ambrose Akinmusire – What’s New 3:04
2 Eric Reed – Ruby, My Dear 6:02
3 Christian McBride & Russell Malone – Sister Rosa 6:37
4 Joe Lovano Us Five – Passport 5:27
5 Jessica Williams – Lonnie’s Lament 6:19
6 The New Gary Burton Quartet – Common Ground 6:59
7 Avishai Cohen – Worksong 2:44
8 Stefan Harris – Congo 6:30
9 Keith Jarrett – Rio, Pt. 12 6:09
10 Paul Motian – Tennessee Waltz 3:50
11 Erena Terakubo f. Kenny Barron – Oriental Folksong 6:13
12 Captain Black Big Band – Here’s The Captain 9:05

So many great mainstream records came out in 2011. This mix can only showcase only a handful of the supreme moments. Consider the veterans Burton and Jarrett; each released new milestones in their illustrious discography. Then juxtapose Erena Terakubo, who is 19 years old, and, after playing alto saxophone for ten years, strikes me as having set a new standard for precocity. Put it this way: she’s mastered the alto styles of Charlie Parker and Jackie McLean and Joe Henderson.

Dub Collision mix: Crunch Dance (jazz fusions 2011)


1 Nicole Mitchell-F.O.C. 6:07
2 Carlo De Rosa’s Cross-Fade Brain Dance 2:37
3 Animation-Spanish Key 10:58
4 Laïka-Watch Your Back (Appointement In Ghana) 5:32
5 Iro Haarla Quintet-Satoyama 4:49
6 Peter Evans Quintet-The Big Crunch 2:56
7 Tied & Tickled Trio
f. Billy Hart-Lonely Woman/Exit La Place Demon/The Electronic Family 11:13
8 Shift-Gavotte 5:03
9 New Zion Trio-Gates 4:59
10 Harriet Tubman-Sideral Flux 4:03
11 The Jack Dejohnette Group-One For Eric 21:18

There is so much improv being woven between musics not having much to do with the narrow term ‘jazz’ that I’ve come to understand jazz proper has recently entered its next developmental phase. The gist of it is young and youngish improvisors from every continent are no longer beholden to the conventions of classicism or the avant-garde.

So it is the term ‘fusion’ has become vital again as a marker of unfussy experiments and shaking up of genre conventions.

Dub Collision mix: One Last More Miles (Blues & Soul 2011)

Dub Collision One Last More Mile

1 Charles Bradley::Trouble In The Land 00:58
2 Charles Bradley::Lovin You, Baby 5:25
3 Hot Tuna::Vicksburg Stomp 3:44
4 Lucky Peterson::Running Down The Railroad 6:38
5 ReBirth Brass Band::The Dilemma 3:53
6 Hawthorne HeadhuntersNo Crying Now, No Lyin Down 3:07
7 Gina Sicilia::Gimme A Simple Song 3:54
8 Me’shell Ndegeocello::Crazy and Wild 4:29
9 Mayer Hawthorne::Work To Do 3:55
10 Ceux Qui Marchent Debout::All Together 4:00
11 Johnny Nicholas::(It’s All Over Now) Baby Blue 5:04
12 Steve Cropper::Right Around The Corner 2:36,
13 Tracy Nelson::One More Mile 5:52
14 The Funk Ark::From the Rooftops 4:30
15 Blind Boys of Alabama::The Last Mile of the Way 4:26
16 Eric Bibb with Staffan Astner::People Get Ready/Get Onboard 11:20

Having settled back sometime ago into a decidedly old school frame of mind, there’s nothing here cozying up to any kind of envelope.


320kbs iPod ready download Rapidshare |

Dub Collision mix Monday Rollerz (DNB etz 2011)


1 Kalabi – Disputed Claim 4:55
2 Krome & Time – Ganja Man (DJ Hype Remix) 6:42
3 The Prototypes – Born to Rise 2:27
4 Calibre – Who’s Singing 5:43
5 Cyantific – Touch Me  4:48
6 Foreign  Concept – Radiation 5:21
7 Majistrate & Sly – One World 3:34
8 J Majik & Wickaman – Ritual 5:36
9 DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication 3:21
10 Hamilton – Brainstorm 4:03
11 Crystal Clear and Zen – Heavy VIP 5:20
12 Sigma – The Jungle (Funt Case Remix) 5:58
13 Lyptikal – Problem Solvers/We Be Flocking 2:00
14 Lenzman – Broken_Dreams 6:05
15 Radio Silence – Beginning Of Sunday 5:25

compiled by DUB COLLISION
noguts noglory studios | cleveland, oh 2011

DNB = drum and bass for all of you who fell off the train
ETZ = etzetera

Full stream:
320kbs iPod ready download Rapidshare |

Dub Collision mix: Current Figures (slow music 2011)


1 Glenn Jones – Menotomy River Blues 1:30
2 Barn Owl – Midnight Tide 5:16
3 Ellen Fullman – Flowers 9:56
4 Erik Wollo – Silent Currents 2, Part 6 3:15
5 Julia Holter – The Falling Age 9:14
6 Tim Hecker – Sketch 3 1:20
7 Trouble Books & Mark McGuire – Life in a Peaceful New World 4:47
8 Aidan Baker & Kevin Micka – Figures 14:42
9 A Produce & Loren Nerell – String Theory 3:54
10 Nauseef, Mori, Parker, Laswell – Majuu 3:33
11 thisquietarmy – The Pacific Theater 11:58

Imagine what a very long slow sweep of a wide brush laden with several shades of paint looks like. This mix captures a sweep of slow music, a favorite genre known–otherwise–by different labels. Yet, as you have the opportunity to hear in this bringing together of some of my favorite brush strokes from recordings of the last year or so, it all could be termed sound painting too.

Dub Collision mix: Fire Farewell (world songs 2011)


1 Kaysha | Bien plus fort que les mots 4:03
2 Tiê | Já É Tarde 2:45
3 Aurelio | Bisien Nu 3:35
4 Malika Zarra | Leela 4:24
5 Anelis | Bola com os amigos 4:47
6 Hindi Zahra | The Man I Love (Unplugged) 3:19
7 Banco de Gaia | Farewell Ferengistan 6:13
8 Chico Barque | Nina 3:07
9 Hamilton de Holanda & Andre Mehmari | Bebê 1:34
10 Menahan Street Band | Make the Road by Walking 2:59
11 Seu Jorge & Almaz | Cristina (Vou Ver Cristina) 3:09
12 Boban i Marko Markovi Orchestra | Caravan 3:18
13 Dengue Fever | Family Business 3:38
14 Arat Kilo (f. Rokia Traoré) | Get A Chew 6:39
15 Jadid Ensemble | Llamar 3:43
16 Karsh Kale | Man On Fire 4:41
17 Sussan Deyhim | Fire Within 6:07
18 Hazmat Modine & Kronos Quartet | Dead Crow 3:45

‘thrilling songs recap’ part one, World music. Lots to dance to here!

Bonus, Iness Mezel.

320kbs mp3 iTunes/IPod ready Rapidshare

Dub Collision mix: Too Many Drivers

1 Allman Brothers – One Way Out 5:08
2 Bob Dylan & Grateful Dead – Gotta Serve Somebody 5:50
3 Matthew Sweet – Back Of A Car (Big Star) 2:32
4 Willie DeVille – Miracle 4:50
5 Jesse Ed Davis – Washita Love Child 3:49
6 ‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry 4:20
7 Dinosaur Jr. – Anodyne 4:49
8 True Believers – Hard Road 4:04
9 Georgia Satellites – Red Light 2:53
10 Better Days – Too Many Drivers 3:22
11 Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call Me The Breeze 5:58
12 Los Lobos – Route 90 3:22
13 Cream ‘2007 – Crossroads 4:25
14 John Hiatt – The Crush 4:11
15 Robert Palmer – Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley 4:25
16 Little Feat – Apolitical Blues 3:49
17 James Gang – Walk Away 3:35
18 Pete Townsend – Gonna Get Ya 6:22

Drivin’ tunes for my bro.

Dub Collision mix: Groovin’ High

1 Dizzy Gillespie-Groovin’ High 2:44
2 Billy Eckstine-Good Jelly Blues 2:54
3 Bud Powell-It Could Happen To You 3:16
4 Milt Jackson-Evidence 2:34
5 Dexter Gordon-The Chase (Parts One & Two) 6:49
6 Dizzy Gillespie w. Charlie Parker-All The Things You Are 2:49
7 Dizzy Gillespie-Manteca 3:08
8 Thelonious Monk-Eronel 3:04
9 Fats Navarro-Dextivity 3:01
10 Bud Powell-Un Poco Loco 4:46
11 Howard McGhee-The Skunk 3:03
12 Wardell Gray-Easy Living 4:24
13 James Moody-The Fuller Bop Man 2:59
14 Al Haig-Yardbird Suite 3:06
15 Dizzy Gillespie-Cubana Be 2:43
16 Dizzy Gillespie-Cubana Bop 3:21
17 Tadd Dameron-Lady Bird 2:52
18 Miles Davis-Webb’s Delight 2:54
19 Charlie Parker-Klactoveesedstene 3:05
20 Don Byas-Mad Monk 2:42
21 Charlie Parker-Salt Peanuts 7:37

Moving backwards through jazz’s recorded history, as I did while hiking into the past from the contemporary epiphany evoked by Miles Davis in 1973, I came to the golden bebop moment very early in my investigation.

Prior to this my friend and mentor Dooz had played for me something from Charlie Parker’s Jazz at Massey Hall, and this didn’t register. However, when I heard Manteca by Dizzy Gillespie, available then on a RCA Vintage volume, I was blown away.

1973 was on the cusp of the flood of jazz reissues on LP which would come tumbling my way over the next ten years. At the time, most of the classic bebop sides recorded between 1945-1955 were not readily available. Still, some of the Parker Dials and live broadcasts were obtainable on small, low-end, labels. Then, soon enough, the dam burst and I could dive into the great catalogs of Dial, Savoy, Prestige, Blue Note, Musicraft and the like.

This meant a big swim in the glorious artistry of Gillespie, Parker, Powell, Monk, Jackson, Moody, Gray, McGhee, Navarro, Gordon, and many more–each of whom offered up golden moments in the birth of a jazz revolution. It was Dizzy Gillespie that rocked my world the hardest; my jazz radio show on WRMC-fm from 1976-1986 was named Groovin’ High in recognition of the glorious side from 1945.

In the history of music has there ever been such an intense upwelling of virtuosity across the spectrum of individual instruments?

This compilation doesn’t range beyond well-known masterpieces. If you’ve never received your bebop baptism, here you go.

Dub Collision mix: Devil In Disguise

1 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Billy in the Low Ground 00:56
2 The Dillards-Man Of Constant Sorrow 1:24
3 Jesse Winchester-The Brand New Tennessee Waltz 3:09
4 Linda Ronstadt-Keep Me From Blowing Away 3:09
5 Buffalo Springfield-Kind Woman 4:11
6 The Byrds-You Don’t Miss Your Water 3:49
7 Dillard & Clark-Train Leaves Here This Mornin’ 3:53
8 The Flying Burrito Brothers-Christine’s Tune 3:04
9 Rick Nelson-So Long Mama 3:28
10 The Grateful Dead-Mama Tried 3:03
11 New Riders of the Purple Sage-I Don’t Know You 2:27
12 Neil Young-If I Could Have Her Tonight 2:21
13 The Band-King Harvest (Has Surely Come) 3:38
14 Barbara Keith-The Bramble and the Bush 2:55
15 Crazy Horse-Dance, Dance, Dance 2:13
16 Michael Nesmith-Propinquity (I’ve Only Just Begun To Care) 3:00
17 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Teach Your Children 2:53
18 Beau Brummels-Jessica 2:21
19 Jerry Jeff Walker-Backslider’s Wine 3:35
20 Cowboy-Seven Four Tune 2:42
21 Ian Matthews-Biloxi 4:17
22 Moby Grape-If You Can’t Learn From My Mistakes 2:36
23 Little Feat-Texas Rose Cafe 3:41
24 Poco-Just in Case It Happens, Yes Indeed/Grand
Junction/Consequently So Long 9:36

Because my musical world triangulates, as I would tell you, The Byrds, Thelonious Monk, and Pauline Oliveros–crazy, I know–here’s a mix that speaks for itself.

Although I was partly deflected off the folk-rock course for a long period, the time during which I sank my ears into all sorts of different waters, the fact is folk and country rock was my original ‘home.’ This compilation brings together some prime exemplars from roughly the period 1967-1974. Favorite tunes here and music for DFH like me.