Africa In the House

South African House Music is groovy like house music is meant to be, and, bonus, it’s African. This adds lots of spice and great singing to the mix. Hear for yourself.

Even more ingratiating and upbeat is this long medley of African gospel music videos. These strike me as wonderfully optimistic in the age of Trump, and a growing dark movement of ignorance in the USA.

Trophies of Sand

Synthesist Rheyne (Jon Barbieri) and guitarist Robert Manganaro mine the vein of improvised ambient on a terrific playlist full of chilled goodness.

The duo records their improvisations live and so all the loopng and sequencing and mixing is in real time. This is very hard to do as tautly as the two do it. Lots of technological acumen underlies the organic feel of these slow building improvisations.

Robert Manganaro – guitar

Jon Barbieri (@RheyneMusic) – keyboards


Tony Allen On the Road, Drumming


new track

The future? Well, as long as I’m around I’m going to keep doing what I do. I’ll be playing music until my last breath.
full album; “field recordings”

African rhythmic mastery evokes best world music recording of 2014.

*Red Bull Music Academy – Interview transcript – essential if you’re into the beat

Tony Allen on Twitter

Still tracking

FKA Twigs, the British singer, will soon enough enter the training academy for soon-to-be cultural icons. This follows merely from her being Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend.

However, this isn’t the reason Pitchfork suggests it’s time to “jump on the bandwagon.” Her debut record is a great blast of UK street soul. It’s my own favorite pop record so far. I hear an audacious mix of Janelle Monae and Imogean Heap–at least this would be my rough comparison.

FKATwigs portal (on tumblr)

FKATwigs Instagram

The Only Nightmare Worth Having

Just happened upon this DJ set on youtube. This led me to the home of Nightmares On Wax (Leeds DJ and remixer George Evelyn,) at Warp Records. And, in turn, this brought back memories of how it was I came to dive deeply into the downtempo hip hop and chill drum and bass way back in the late nineties. As it usually was the case during that time, the founding memory is of my right hand at the Record Den, Chris, hipping me to core artists and drops.

Carboot Soul
A mellow hip hop disc and also a cornerstone of Leeds downtempo.

Nightmares on Wax will celebrate twenty-five years with a three disc set in June. NIGHTMARES ON WAX WEB Soundcloud

N.O.W IS THE TIME DOCUMENTARY from Warp Records on Vimeo.

Dub Collision mix Monday Rollerz (DNB etz 2011)


1 Kalabi – Disputed Claim 4:55
2 Krome & Time – Ganja Man (DJ Hype Remix) 6:42
3 The Prototypes – Born to Rise 2:27
4 Calibre – Who’s Singing 5:43
5 Cyantific – Touch Me  4:48
6 Foreign  Concept – Radiation 5:21
7 Majistrate & Sly – One World 3:34
8 J Majik & Wickaman – Ritual 5:36
9 DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication 3:21
10 Hamilton – Brainstorm 4:03
11 Crystal Clear and Zen – Heavy VIP 5:20
12 Sigma – The Jungle (Funt Case Remix) 5:58
13 Lyptikal – Problem Solvers/We Be Flocking 2:00
14 Lenzman – Broken_Dreams 6:05
15 Radio Silence – Beginning Of Sunday 5:25

compiled by DUB COLLISION
noguts noglory studios | cleveland, oh 2011

DNB = drum and bass for all of you who fell off the train
ETZ = etzetera

Full stream:
320kbs iPod ready download Rapidshare |

The Music Scene

“The Music Scene” from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

A Ninjatune commission featuring Blockhead.

In my late thirties my right hand at The Record Den was Chris, aka DJ Weirton, and he not only was a very cool cat, but he turned me on to a lot of great music. He leveraged our common ground stretched between Lee Perry, Run DMC, and Bill Laswell, so I offered up Muslimgauze, and he offered up a world of chill hip hop and breaks and turntable-ism and dub. Much of this centered on the stable at Ninja Tune, with Coldcut, The Herbalizer, Up Bustle and Out, DJ Food, Roots Manuva, Hexstatic, Wagon Christ, The Cinematic Orchestra, Funki Porcini, Kid Koala, Amon Tobin leading the way.


Ninja Tune has been celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary for the last year, and at the end of March, Rarities was released. The label has churned out a lot of hoppin’ compilations over the years, including a number of deluxe multi-disc sets. Actually, the six disc anniversary set, Ninja Tune XX, would be the place to start the journey. The compelling feature given the sonic mashing found on the various compilations are the threads drawn between different musical sources, so, for example, there is the beguiling stitching together of Cuban music, breaks, dub, and hip hop in the music of Up, Bustle and Out, or the mix of drum and bass and Brazilian music discoverable in Amon Tobin‘s grooves. And, literally, this goes on and on.


Funki Porcini ‘On’ Album Mini-Mix by Ninja Tune

The Moving Beat

Luc Ferrari & Otomo Yoshihide – Slow Landing (2008) from Arthur Kuzmin on Vimeo.

Zero dB from Joe Tunmer on Vimeo.

SIJI – ‘Ijo'(Official Video) from SIJI on Vimeo.

Although there is a turntable in the SIJI video–third in the stack here–the common denominator is the beat, moving from fractured to smoker’s hip to, well, Lagos. Ijo is my favorite watchable drop so far this year.

Wrapping Up 2010 IV. Electro & Beyond


Flight Patterns

Open Graves

Ruins of Morning

Praha Meditations
Alio Die
Yellow Swans
Going Places
The Art of Dying Alone
The Effective Disconnect
Brian McBride
Sigh of Ages
Steve Roach
The Ominous Silence

Desert Phase

Kaya Project

The New Emancipation

Soweto Kinch
Variations for Oud and Synthesizer
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Funeral Mariachi
Sun City Girls
Ninja Tune XX
(various artists)
My Friend Rain
Robert Millis (recordist/compiler)
Into the Deep 3-4-5-6

Turning to genres of music that can hardly be encompassed by either electronic or experimental, the challenge mention in a previous post, is how to deal with the flood of musical creativity. Again, one can’t keep up. I don’t try. I follow my favorites, keep a close eye on credible blogs, and am open to completely out-of-the-blue investigations.

I have no problem with accepting and receiving this flood as documentation of prolix artistry. This is different than being the musical equivalent of a picky eater.  I like it that a new find, the noise and dark ambient guitarist Aidan Baker rolled out over ten recordings last year, under is own name, with Nadja, (duo with Leah Buckhart,) and in partnership with other sonic explorers. I have experienced six of ’em. Steve Roach, in my pantheon of sound painters, released four recordings; a wave of riches, and, yes, some better than others. Yet, I want to hear every last note.

For me it’s about the documentation of artistry for better or for worse. Still, I can’t try everything at the buffet. Overall, the rise of the cheap digital studio has inspired a prolific, oft lo-fi, tendency. This has caused an explosion in the aforementioned documentation, and, paradoxically, amplified the challenge of being selective, and this against wishing to take in every last note.

Half of the sixteen recordings listed here are by artists new to me last year. Pride of place goes to Open Graves exercise in deep listening, and the flood of ambient noise unleashed by Mr. Baker. Ruins of Morning is both heavy and heavenly. The Kaya Project‘s ambient post-rock meshes pedal steel with slow moving sound worlds. I have a weak spot for what I call slow music. Even Soweto Kinch‘s marvelous down-tempo hip-hop unfolds at a leisurely pace.

It’s all every-last noteworthy.

Dub Collision mix: One Track Mind



1-Ike & Tina – Funkier Than a Mosquita’s Tweeter 2:33
2-Finger – Téléphone 3:50
3-Graham Central Station – It’s Alright 3:48
4-Un Aio Black – Yeah Yeah Yeah 3:05
5-Fred Wesley – Out Of Sight (feat. DJizzle) 2:23
6-Roland Stone – Honky Tonk Woman 4:33
7-Fishbelly Black – Brick House 5:44
8-Groove Robbers Feat. Dj Shadow – Last Stop 2:25
9-Talking Heads – Slippery People 3:55
10-Nightmares On Wax – What I’m Feelin’ (Rae + Christian Mix) 6:21
11-Jeff Beck – Grease Monkey 3:32
12-Mr. Scruff – Nice Up the Function (feat. Roots Manuva) 3:52
13-Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Give It Back (live) 3:21
14-The Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite 3:44
15-The Meters – Hang ‘Em High 3:23
16-Afros Band – Right On Right Off 2:44
17-Fila Brazillia – Speewah 3:53
18-Herbie Hancock – Nobu 7:07
19-Otis Grove – Basket Case 3:47
20-Docteur Nico & African Fiesta Sukisa – Canchita 3:55

I’ve been planning on doing a hard funk mix for sometime, and then when I get around to it instead I end up with a funk and groove and hip hop and breaks and soul melange, stretched over 40+ years, and between the first fuky world and Africa and the Caribbean. Here is Ike and Tina and Doctor Nico, as well as very fresh Otis Grove, Fishbelly Black and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. As the kids say, “It’s all good.”

Hat tip to Duze, who kindly turned me onto to late Nawlins local icon Roland Stone. John Sinclair–the John Sinclair–has the scoop on Mr. Stone.

[audio:|titles=Dub Collision-One Track Mind]


KMAG’s 20 Best Drum & Bass Singles Of 2010

My right hand guy at the Den, DJ Weirton, turned me onto several mountains of music. He did so right from the git-go and he’s the main reason entire stacks rose up in my musical universe. There were a few shared enthusiasms: old school rap and reggae and dub. Out of this mix, he intuited enough receptivity on my part to give me a spectacular crash course in new urban music.

Joint after musical joint of chill breaks, downtempo, illbient, Crooklyn dub, jungle and drum and bass proved to be the right prescription. Then, sometime into this blast, a friend at corporate unearthed several boxes of promos stashed under her desk and these turned out to be bursting with what the chain’s buyer simply reduced to the term, ‘techno.’ It was on.

Now, ten years after walking away from music retail, I still sustain my weak spot for the Ninja Tunes crew, Amon Tobin and a few others, and, jazzy downtempo best exemplified by The Cinematic Orchestra and Up, Bustle, and Out. After my last stint, there were a few years when all sorts of jungle and break beat was sifted down to the bargain stacks at The Record Exchange. This was beat heaven on my slim budget. Yet, long before Ableton Live and Reason came to the fore, evoking a giant tsunami of third wave urban breaks, I had already reconfigured my, alas, limited muso time.

Thus, I was delighted to run across in my newsreader an article, 20-best-drum-and-bass-singles-of-2010, complete with a youtube video for each blunt. At #20, the list starts off with Seba, who has been at this since break’s golden age in the nineties. The music showcased simply rages on.

Drum & Bass on the web: dnbdubstep | dnbshare | dogsonacid | dnbforum | dnbsets | doddiblogdnb Oh, man…

Here’s a foursquare of classic drum and bass from back in my personal dnb day, including my all time favorite from Grooverider, Where’s Jack the Ripper, the title cut to Ronnie Size‘s London Calling of breaks, an atmospheric slowdown from Big Bud, and a proto stepper from Metalheadz.

Nineties, baby.


GROOVERIDER Where’s Jack the Ripper
BIG BUD Spiritual