Bedroom Studio Gets In Bed

Years ago there was an audio application for PowerPC where you could plug in modules and trigger underlying samples with your keyboard. I think it was called Groovemaker. Then in 2001 Ableton released their first version of Live. There the basic concept was also built around triggering samples but you could organize groups of samples and build something like a time line. My Apple PC at the time, early 1998, was a PowerPC (750) G3 and it featured a 233ghz processor, soon enough, 46mb of RAM. In Khorasan was produced in between 2000 and 2001 using this system, running CuBase.

Scroll ahead ten years and consider the iPad as a platform for music making or sound design. 1 ghz processor, 256 mb system-dedicated RAM, IOS4 on chip, and up to 64gigs storage. The iPAD is roughly 4 times more powerful than the G3 that was the first brand new Mac I ever bought. The iPAD, 12 years later, poses an entry cost a third of that of the G3. The cool thing from my personal perspective is how an iPAD might offer up new capabilities for my sound designer’s toolkit. As it is, I’m waiting for the second iteration of the iPAD due this year, and would justify it just to be able read pdf journal articles before turning out the light every night. That I could plug a guitar into it seemed unreal, but not anymore. I’ve started to keep an eye on so-called IOS4 audio app landscape.

This video reminded a lot of the Groovemaker software from the olden days.

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Alesis IODock coming soon and promising to serve as a patching center for MIDI, instruments and microphones, and computer.

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