Band In Your Hand

The same week I junked my five year old dumb phone for an iPhone 4s, I’m cruising the app store like a fiend, having prematurely reached the foothills of an artistic vision. You see, I’ve had my eye on an iPad but had decided to wait until iteration #3. I figured spring or fall next year. I had my sights on using it as a musical platform, especially in the ‘generative’ that has blossomed based in the touch screen.

Then my Nokia flip punked out. The T-Mobile sales gal couldn’t arouse herself to try to sell be a Android phone, my muse and wife bought an iPhone, and, two weeks later I stuck my head in a Sprint store and got the last iPhone in their stock.

Checked out all sorts of free and cheap apps and soon enough shards of experimental leavings were flying off my enthusiastic whirling around this band in your hand.

Madpad app

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