Back on the Ranch

VideoRanch, Pa Nes’s online general store, came through with the first round of goodies. Literally, the compact discs of And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’ and Just Your Standard Ranch Stash, replace well-worn, beloved rubber. Due to a mistake, I got a gratis copy of Live at the Palais. And last, there was the double CD set of Live at the Britt. Much to my pleasure and surprise, as shown below, Pa Nes, signed one of the Britt discs. I’m not an autograph hound at all, yet because Pa Nes occupies a special place in my pantheon, the gesture is huge.

Nesmih signature
As I mentioned in the previous post, Nesmith is one of the few musicians I’d like to interrogate simply due to my projection about how damn interesting he seems to be as artist and entrepreneur and forward thinker.

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