Kamelmauz: Apparently There’s More (EP)

Two recordings are the issue of the love dalliance between Kamelmauz and Gestrument. The first, Apparently There’s More, excerpts the shorter tracks from the full recording Apparently, Suite and mixes the segues between tracks into a continuous mix.

[KAMELMAUZ] Gestrument is a generative and gestural sampler for iPad. Both new recordings apparently (!) lean on the generative (or procedural,) features of Gestrument in two specific senses. First, the original improvs were documented for the purpose of qualifying the usability of a large inventory of old fashioned soundfonts. Soundfonts, along with the General Midi bank, and the permutations of both granted by Gestrument’s synthesis engine, provide a literal world of source material.

Second, I took two hours of test recordings, made by playing individual sounds for one to two minutes, and on an inspired lark, halved the session and juxtaposed the two halves in two track in Logic (on a laptop.) The rough mix of the tracks not only was listenable (to its creator!) but seemed to, umm, apparently, possess some artistic potential.

What then transpired was a finicky process by which I honored the randomness by following one structural rule: I did not take any cuts and change their given order in the longitudinal sense. So, for example, in each of the two tracks, a B cut always followed an A cut, even if the cut itself came to be cut up, and gaps and disruptions of the raw unified order also came to be.

Next I added reverb to each track using the fine reverbs from 2C; mostly deploying 2C B2. A little touch up was needed in the mastering, yet the basic attack of the audio is live–as rendered using the nifty I/O via the Line6 Sonic Port

Genre: decidedly experimental! Other flavors: industrial, dark ambient, neo-folk, and, to once again use DJ Weirton’s formulation: world hed music

Apparently There’s More (EP) is out now.The full recording, Apparently, Suite is out December 17th, on Duty free Records via Kamelmauz|Bandcamp.

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