Acoustic. Note, also, the anthemic aspects.

The Staves; debut due next year; free tastes arrived already

If you had asked, me say about five years ago, whether or not the hippie folk rock of my youth would ever burst through into a completely contemporary iteration, I would have cynically reminded you music culturistas have sustained their reaction against so-called hippie music for twenty-five years.

This reaction has been going on so long that we can nowadays find it remarkable (for example) that Wilco or The Jayhawks, folk rock exponents in the second wave, have managed to ply their trade on the margins of guilded respectability for over 20 years. Face it: only with guilded respectability is the listener relieved of being accused of favoring (at least) mildly uncool, bourgeois, regressive musical artistry.

Then, amazingly, the reaction dissipated without issuing even an audible gasp. Alternately, and more likely, I haven’t been paying anywhere near enough attention. Yes, I was rather struck by the debut of The Fleet Foxes.

Upshot is I get it–it’s the new golden age. I’m now tracking its antecedents beyond the lucky accidents, (such as Or, The Whale, Last Town Chorus,) I’ve gathered up over the years.

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