Stephen aka Kamelmauz
photo by Chuck Mintz

This blog will capture on an irregular basis original music, brief mixes and podcasts, intriguing embeddable video, weird record covers, provocative quotations, web links and music making resources, and concise essays about the music and sounds which move me.

Under the guise of Kamelmauz I fashion exotic ‘world hed music,’ and ambient, dark ambient, and dronelogical sound worlds. Currently, I’m using lap and pedal steel guitars, the Ethiopian krar, samplers and synthesizer, didgeridoo, everyday objects, iPad applications, and meeblip se synthesizer, as input sources for current creative sonic projects.

Artistic Statement: My only goal with my music is to do interesting exploratory experiments and please myself by way of the experience of discovery.

As Dub Collision I have continued over twenty-five years to assemble mixes for myself and friends. Expect podcats to reflect my eclectic yet idiosyncratic tastes.

Much of my professional career was spent working in the music business. The largest chunk was spent in retail management, both in indy and chain environments. Yet, I’ve had my hand in almost every facet at one time or another, including: concert booking and production, artist management, artist development, and have been a marketing and development consultant.

I programmed radio shows and was a weekly broadcaster between 1977 and 1989. Groovin’ High ran on WRMC-fm in Middlebury Vermont between 1977 and 1986.

On several occasions I was a guest lecturer on jazz at the college level, including being invited to give an Abernathy Lecture, In Search of the Mystery Place, at Middlebury College in 1986. I presented in 2006 programs on proto-music and evolutionary musicology here in northern Ohio. I designed and use an experiential learning tool, Rhythm River, oriented to this conception about music before there was music, and, about the deepest, most ancient antecedents of musical modernity.

What is my core musical prejudice? Fundamentally, I propose that human consciousness is musical through and through. Recently I have spent considerable time researching the genesis of musical culture and this has led me to walk upstream tens of thousands of years. Before music was proto-music and before music was the sound world of our ancient ancestors.

Stephen Calhoun aka Kamelmauz aka Dub Collision contact: sc.calhoun (at) gmail.com

Photographer, jazzbo, and all around fascinating guy Chuck Mintz made me a part of his photography series, Precious Objects.

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    Are you still around?

    I’d love some advice and a but of a guide.

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