A Synth Continuum; and What I’m Using Right Now

Moog ‘porn’

Ototo by Dentaku – plug-and-use sense and synthesize

One of the classes of objects I am on the lookout for, and often find during my summer garage sale hopping, is the class of anything that makes an interesting sound. Understand such objects would be repurposed into sound sources when I get down to deploying stuff in my little collection.

This goal makes the Ototo more appealing than the Moog collection. All the virtual synthesizers on the laptop and iPad add up to endless possibilities. Still, I am fascinated by modular synthesizers but then I do the math, calculating two thousand dollars buys the next 200 iPad virtual synths. I’ve been stockpiling synth apps for the iPad because the apps are inexpensive.

The acid test is which synths do I utilize right now? Arturia just released a huge sounding, basically nasty Oberheim emulation, iSem. It is plugged into the end of my top five ‘apps of the moment’ and the synth ‘bench.’

1. Gestrument
2. Alchemy Mobile Pro
AMP’s older sibling Alchemy is, with NI Absynth, my go-to synths on the laptop.)
3. Animoog
4. DroneFX
5. Palm WaveMapper

6. Mixtikl
7. Waldorf Nave
8. Crystal Synth XT
9. Grain Science
5. Artutia Isem

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