8 String Pedal Steel Guitar Pentatonic Tuning

Pentatonic TuningI’ve changed the E9 steel guitar to this, (or, “yet another,”) experimental pentatonic tuning.

This tuning seems workable as a hybrid between the open pentatonic and being able to pedal 7 of 12 chromatic notes at the same fret; the rest are within one fret. The B pedal Emaj and Bmaj chord grip and C/D pedal Cmin move is obvious. The 6th is inverted. I might put the minor change on the D pedal by switching the G and A. I’m going to play around with the lower C pedal changes–might lower string 6 a half step. I haven’t plotted it all out in Excel yet.

The string gauges, shown here from the down and dirty change over of the old E9 set will change when I re-string the guitar next week.

(The other pedal steel remains in B6, a tuning close to E9.)

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