Year End Studio Notes


I can hear the sound of my future activities, but I do not know just how much time I will be able to devote the backlog of projects.

I have several looming Gestrument projects, and have been asked by its developers to revisit the eBow and pedal steel and Gestrument experiment. Also, I am planning to unleash some of my Alchemy, (CamelAudio’s fine synthesizer,) programming. As well, I’m itching to fire-up Absynth and Mixtikl/Noatikl and Meta-synth again. The aim is to etch some soundscapes and nail down a live set-up.

Off to the side, by my rough count, I have something like thirty pieces of visual art brought to a halt in the middle of various procedures for creative processing and, well, completion.

You can see the problem–since 2014 is also going to be the year I animate my efforts as a designer of experiential pedagogies* too!

* ‘the method and practice of teaching, esp. as an academic subject or theoretical concept.’

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